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Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.

– Virginia Woolf

About Elle C

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, I live with my husband, Ryan, and our three fur babies, Pandora, Cozy and Toothless. Exploring St. Louis and learning about it’s history is something I truly enjoy. I feel so lucky to be a St. Louis Native. Click here to read more!

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Destructively Alive

The first book of Elle C’s debut series is called Destructively Alive. The series, Trial by Embers, is still in progress. The links below will direct you to purchasing the first book in the series! To clarify, the BookBaby Book Shop link will take you directly to the eBook purchasing option. You can use that link if you do not have an Amazon Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, or would just rather go through BookBaby.

For every copy of Destructively Alive that is sold, Elle will be donating $1 to Safe Connections, an organization built on providing support to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

See their mission statement below which can be found on their website here:

The Mission of Safe Connections is to reduce the impact and incidence of relationship violence and sexual assault through education, crisis intervention, counseling and support services.

The Corrupted Devolution

Brotoo has always been a peaceful country. It’s ruled by a Sultan named Dolion Swarth, who is a fair ruler – for the most part.

Unfortunately, Dolion is frustrated because he has yet to find the one being that will allow him to have complete and total power over the country. Fair ruler or not, he is approaching the end of his reign if he doesn’t find a solution to his problem.

His solution – the genie.

Click below to grab your copy of the first four parts to The Corrupted Devolution. Available on Amazon Kindle!



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