Carole Baskin

Here Kitty, Kitty

I’ve always loved big cats, ever since I was a little girl. Even though I’m allergic, there’s something about them that is so captivating, so mesmerizing.

I was so happy I met Don when I did. My marriage with Jamie’s father was good, but toxic. He beat me and threatened to kill me too often. It was time I got out as soon as I could. Don happened to see my walking along the street, crying when we met. After that, I knew he was the one for me.

It had nothing to do with how much money he has. Don was a very loving and giving man. He helped me, and Jamie find a happy and healthy home and allowed me to live out my passion with big cats. We have so many big cats, and I love every one of them as if they were my children.

“Carole, are you ready?”

“Yes, Don! I’m coming. Do you like my outfit?”

“Geez, how many times do I have to tell you that you don’t have to dress like a cat to take care of cats.”

“Why don’t you like the way I dress? I thought you loved my animal print clothes.”

“I do, but we’re just going out to feed them. Why does it always have to be a show for you?”

“A show? You’re the one with all that money you don’t want to share with your wife!”

“I’ve told you, what’s mine is yours, you just have to ask.”

“I shouldn’t have to ask. Being your wife should be enough. I don’t want to fight, let’s just go feed the cats.”

It felt like he didn’t trust me with his money, and it hurt. Why can’t I just be with a man who trusts me? Enough worrying about if he trusts me or not. Time to feed the cats. I just want to grab a couple more things before I head out.

“Don, I’ll meet you out there. I want to grab a couple of things first.”

Just need to grab some gloves and a scarf and, what’s this? A receipt?

Receipt is a wire transaction to Gladys Cross for $20,000.

Why in the world would he send that bitch money and not trust me with his money? I’m his wife now, not her. I deserve that $20,000!


“Carole, what’s wrong? Why do you look so angry?”

“You sent money to GLADYS!? Why are you sending money to her still? She’s not your wife anymore; I am!”

“Carole, she still the mother of my children. They need help financially. Why does it matter? We have all of this together. Can’t you just be happy?”

“It’s not good enough! I want her out of your life for good. You’re my husband, not hers.”

“That’s not going to happen. You’re just going to have to eventually get over the fact that I was married before you and had kids before I knew who you were. Now, can you please just help me feed the cats? There are so many, and they’re starving.”

Fine, you want me to help you feed the cats, I’ll help you feed the cats. There was a shovel on the ground by the cages. If he doesn’t keep her from having his money, I will.


“Here, kitty, kitty. I’ve got something extra tasty for you to try today!”


“haha, ha ha ha ha. HA HAHAHAHAHA! It’s mine; it’s all mine!”

*Author’s note:

Please keep in mind this backstory is entirely fictional. There is no evidence to support any of this information; it is based on the relationship between Carole, Don, and Don’s ex-wife. Don Lewis is still missing even though he was declared dead after five years of being missing. Check out the Netflix Docuseries Tiger King for their take on his disappearance.

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