Part 2


I never meant to kill him, but I couldn’t help it. There was too much emotion, too much rage for me to focus on what I was doing. I wanted them dead, and that is all that went through my head – those kids who stole everything from me.

Bits and pieces came back to me as I got older. After that son of a bitch pushed Adalyn in front of a truck, I punched him so hard that he was out instantly. That did not stop me from wailing until there was so much blood; I was sure he was dead. The others tried stopping me, but it was too late. By the time I was through with him, the police had arrived on the scene. I didn’t stick around to explain myself, and neither did his buddies.

I was born that day.

Revenge came easy. The pretty ones are far too willing to share their lives with the world. Every second of every day is documented on social media. They want people to find them; they want to be seen and heard.

So, I follow them.

The best thing about pretty people is they love to get drunk. Lose all sense of self-control and the ability to function. Drunks are the easiest to kidnap.

Tonight, the drink of choice is margaritas. She’s wearing a flowy sundress; he was wearing surf shorts and a tank top. They share an Instagram account and have over 5 million followers. What have they done that makes them worthy of that kind of attention?


They just look amazing, like perfect Barbie and Ken. Perfect body, perfect face, perfect hair. Perfect.

Not for long.

I waited until they stumbled back to their hotel room. They were on vacation in Florida and had a beachfront hotel with a room facing the water. Of course, location is turned on for all their posts, so tracking them was as easy as waking up. Before they got inside, I snuck up behind them and knocked them both out. I needed to move them to a safer location before getting started.

My van was nearby, and it was late enough that people were either asleep or so drunk they didn’t know their left from right – perfect time to move inconspicuously. I had a place set up that wouldn’t draw much attention.

When we arrived, I brought them both inside to get them ready. I set them up in chairs across from each other. He sat in a chair over a bucket. I don’t like to be messy, and there will be a lot of blood after I’m finished with him. She sits close to the sink. For her, I need to be close to water.

Usually, it’s ladies first, but if she goes first, she won’t be able to see what I’m going to do to her perfect little boyfriend.

They were both still out cold, so I brought some smelling salts to wake them up.


“Wh-what’s going on?” he grumbled.

“Wakey, wakey.”


“J-James? Wh-where are you?” she stuttered.

“No need to worry, he’s right in front of you.”

“Who are you? Why are we here? What the fuck is going on?!”

“Patience, my dear. All of your questions will be answered soon. Just a couple more things, and then we will begin.”

“Answer us, freak!”

“Oh, James, that was a big mistake. Now I’m just going to take more time to enjoy this. You see, it’s people like you that I despise the most. You think that just because you’re beautiful, everyone should love and adore you. You act like you are kings and queens, and the rest of us are your servants. Well, it’s time someone remove those wicked thoughts from your too perfect heads.”

*both yelling profanities*

“Alright, it looks like it’s time for duct tape since you two won’t SHUT THE FUCK UP!”


*muffled screaming*

“Better. Now, class, pay attention. Today you are being punished. It’s only partially your fault, but unfortunately, the part that isn’t your fault is that you were born this way. Just like I was born this way.”

I took off my mask so they could see my face. Now they can see why they are here and why I chose them as my victims.

“You don’t know what it’s like to live like this. You don’t know what it’s like to live in the shadows because people look at you like you’re some kind of monster! Now you will. Now you’ll both see.”

As I said, the guy goes first. I want her to watch. He will be made in my image, and I will start with the lip. You see, my mouth is severely deformed. It’s only part of what kids used to make fun of me for. Cleft lips aren’t uncommon, but mine was abnormally large and deep. You could see my teeth and gums because the cleft went all the way to my nose’s base. It was on the side of my lip, so it wasn’t straight and hard to miss.

But what wasn’t hard to miss, was the giant scar that went from one ear to the other, crossing over my nose so you couldn’t miss it.

“Look at me. I said, LOOK AT ME!”

*both whimpering*

“Good. You see this scar? Everyone thought my mom or dad tried to kill me and failed at it. They used to say that my face wasn’t even one that a mother could love. Cowards. Always using words to taunt me. This cleft? Yeah, that was another supposed murder attempt. Said they tried to stab me in the face, but I moved, and it cut open my lip.

Neither is true. I was born with both, unfortunately. I don’t have the money to get it fixed on my own, so I make more to look like me. Tonight, James, is your lucky night. Don’t worry; I’m not going to kill you. I want you to suffer like I have my whole life.”

*muffled screaming*

“Oh hush, you’ll get to scream again soon. The duct tape must be removed for me to do my work. Luckily, the chair you’re in has straps that will go across your forehead to hold you. The more you struggle, the sloppier it gets, and this needs to be perfect.”


“Let us go! We’re sorry we called you a freak! Just please! PLEASE! Let us go!”

James started sobbing.

“It’s far too late. Now shut up and let me do my work. Eyes open, sweetheart. You’re next.”

“Julie, look away! Look away, honey!”

“No, Julie, keep watching. Watch as your perfect boyfriend transforms into a freak right before your eyes.”

Let the cutting begin. I use a carving knife. They are much more precise in the incisions they make. Plus, they cut through flesh like its butter. Quick and mostly painless. He struggled and screamed for only a moment when I got started on his lip. Julie was screaming through the duct tape loudly in the background, but it didn’t matter. No one can hear us out here.

The blood began flowing the moment the blade hit skin. Watching it trickle down his face was beautiful – a crimson river with trickles of black blended inside. Mmmmm lovely.

When I was finished, blood was soaking his face and shirt. His shirt was no longer plain white but streaked with dark red blood.

“Ok, Julie, it’s your turn.”

*muffled screaming*

“Now, now, don’t worry. I’m not going to cut up your face like your boyfriend. No, I’m going to do something much worse. I’m not as fortunate as the two of you. The love of my life was taken from me. You see, like me, she had a deformity. It’s because of me that she’s dead. All she wanted was to be my friend because she knew what it was like to live with something you couldn’t change. Until one night, someone took her from me.

Don’t worry, James, you won’t lose your love. She just won’t look the same anymore. Julie, my dear, this is going to hurt. A lot.”

My Adalyn had a beautiful burn scar that climbed her face. Even though people thought she looked like a monster, she was an angel in my eyes. In her heart and her mind, she was nothing but kind to the cruelest of people. And she was taken from me.

Julie might die tonight. Not everyone can handle the heat of the flames. I poured lighter fluid on the right side of her face. Same as Adalyn. I took out the matchbox, struck one match, and set the liquid on fire. It was magnificent.

James was screaming in the background. It was easy to tune him out. I wanted to watch as the flames danced for a while before I put them out. There was something so captivating by the way fire moves as if it were alive. It was intoxicating and mesmerizing.

“I think you’ve suffered enough, my dear.”


“Glad to see you managed to survive. I was hoping you’d make it. You seem strong. Now, take a good look at each other. This is what you get to look at for the rest of your lives. When your lives end is entirely up to you. 50 years from now? 20 years? A couple of days from now? Your choice.”

Before I left, I took a picture with my polaroid of them both. They will be joining the rest of them in my book – my class reunion book.

All of them are in there. The perfect couples from high school. Well, perfect deformities.

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