A Mother’s Love

The world changed quickly, or at least it seemed that way. We live in a world that has been given the green card to act in a hateful and violent way and get away with minimal or no consequences.

My family was not immune to this hateful and violent behavior. Jahmal was a good person, an intelligent, genuine person. He was someone who saw people for who they were on the inside by giving them a chance to show him what kind of person they were before making any judgments. He could see the good in every person, even if they couldn’t see good in him.

On that night, he walked home from a bar after celebrating a big promotion at his law firm.

They finally promoted him to partner after years of working his ass off to get to that point; years of school and long nights of working extra to get ahead. It wasn’t easy considering the company was filled with legacy boys who bought their way to the top, but that didn’t stop him from working harder than any of them.

On his way home, a bunch of guys approached him. There were four of them and one of him, and to make matters worse, they had baseball bats. In the street camera footage, it appeared as though they had wooden and metal bats.

The cameras showed that there was an altercation. He appeared to be trying to leave, just to go home, but they weren’t letting him. They kept blocking his path and shoving him back into the group, and then the beating began.

It woke residents on the block. One witness said the men shouted, “One less nigger to worry about in this world.” And his buddies began laughing and cheering.

One less nigger.

That’s how they view us. We don’t look like them, so that makes us criminals. It’s not just African Americans; it’s all people of color. We’re all victims of the hatred that has been given a free pass to run amok.

I will no longer be a victim.

You don’t mess with a momma bears cubs and expect to walk freely without any consequences. My son was a good man and did nothing to deserve being beaten to death. But they did.

After the police released the BOLO for these men, I did some research to find where they lived. I wanted to find them before the police did because I know damn well justice will not be adequately served for Jahmal.

The news said the police tried their apartment, but they weren’t home. The men appeared to be on the run, but I think they just knew how to avoid their place when the police came looking. So one night, I watched their apartment to see if they were stupid enough to go back.

Of course, they were.

There was a building across the street that had roof access and a perfect view inside. So that’s where I set up waiting for the ideal moment to take them out.

When they gathered in what I assumed was the living room, I knew if I didn’t take my shot, I would never get this opportunity again. I picked up my sniper rifle slowly and quietly and looked through the scope. You see, I served in the military, and my specialty was the sniper. They called me Killshot because I never missed my target. Not once.

With the crosshairs lined up with the first man’s forehead, I took a couple deep, slow breaths, in and out, in and out.

Just breathe.

I moved my finger to the trigger, checked once more that the crosshairs were lined up perfectly. I closed my eyes for a moment to collect my thoughts, opened them, breathed in once more, then out and…


I heard glass shatter as I watched the bullet go through the first man’s forehead. The others stood up in shock and looked out the window to see where the shot came from.


I lined up the crosshairs with the next one, breathed in and out.


More shock and now some chaos ensued. Beautiful. Run around like chickens with your heads cut off – two down; two to go.

The other two took cover, but unfortunately for them, cover meant behind a couch that wasn’t hidden from my view. My mind was calm, and my fingers were the steadiest they had ever been – even more than when I was on the battlefield of war.

With the crosshairs lined up on the third man, and the fourth right next to him, I took a breath in and out.



Justice has been served.

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